• The Advantages of HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud

    A faster, simpler, more secure and cost-effective solution to enable your agency’s hybrid cloud environment – the first step in digital transformation. HPE GreenLake Hybrid Cloud. 03/10/2020

  • How to Build a Data Culture Within Government

    Data is not only transforming our world but also how data relates to the democratic process. Despite the trend, much of our government data goes unused and under-analyzed. As a response to this challenge, the Federal Data Strategy looks to transform the way in which agencies deliver on their missions, serve the public, and steward resources. Are you setting your agency up for analytics success? 02/18/2020

  • The Hybrid Cloud Advantage: A public-private solution can be an optimal solution for federal agencies

    Join this webcast to hear how a federal IT leader encountered and overcame these challenges, making it possible for the agency to pivot and thrive in the cloud. Industry experts from Nutanix, a cloud computing software company, will discuss how a cloud-ready platform can provide a seamless transformation to a hybrid cloud solution. 01/03/2020

  • Low-Code and Intelligent Automation Strategy at Department of Transportation

    Edward Dowgiallo from the DOT and FTA will discuss the use cases, best practices, and challenges of delivering low-code and intelligent automation applications in federal agencies. Edward will be joined by Natalie Carey, Industry Leader - US Federal Civilian for Appian. 12/11/2019

  • Streamline Citizen Engagement with PaaS

    There is an undeniable nexus between platform-as-a-service cloud applications and improved user experience. PaaS and cloud solutions can accelerate the delivery of advanced applications and facilitate smoother citizen engagement, reduced frustration, and more satisfying interactions. 12/05/2019


  • Data Virtualization for Dummies

    Data virtualization transcends the limitations of traditional data integration techniques such as ETL by delivering a simplified, unified, and integrated view of trusted business data.

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Analyst: Redefining Roles in the Age of Augmented Analytics

    With all the hype around AI, it is easy to lose sight of how machine learning has already transformed the way we work, particularly in the realm of data analytics. Machine learning is changing how organizations think about data and evolving the role of the analyst in the process.

  • How to Build Federal Data Strategy Success Using Tableau Blueprint

    This white paper is intended for federal employees seeking to improve how their organization uses data to help their agency achieves its mission. This includes anyone who is governing, managing, securing, sharing, and storing data, and are interested in learning the Tableau perspective on how to deploy analytics at scale, and achieve the goals of the Federal Data Strategy

  • How Government Agencies Can Achieve More with Modern Analytics

    The President’s Management Agenda (PMA) stakes out a bold position on data—in fact, much bolder than many people recognize. The PMA puts data front and center, identifying data as a strategic asset and one of three drivers of transformation in the federal government. This shift to data-driven decision-making and evidence based policy-making has important ramifications for agency analytic programs.

  • 4 Best Practices for Data-Driven Decision-Making in Government Agencies

    As part of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA), a framework for a new, data-centric approach is taking shape – one that aligns technology, policies, and records to support evidence-based decision-making.